• Discover RAM

  • RAM

    To protect your health from the
    undesired radiations of fake devices

  • RAM

    To block your device if stolen or lost.
    It will no longer access the mobile network
    and will ultimately protect your data
    and sensitive information

  • RAM

    To identify valid devices, and stop
    stolen and counterfeit phones from
    accessing all mobile networks
    in DRC


Verify IMEI lookup function is completely free and easy to use. An IMEI is a code created to identify a device that uses mobile networks and gives the opportunity to get access to its detailed information.


Your phone can have multiple IMEI numbers only if it's a multi-SIM.
- For example, A Dual SIM device means your device have 2 IMEI numbers. This means both SIM cards of the same device



Dial *#06# to see
your device IMEI

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Enter IMEI in field

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Get information
about your device

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What is RAM?

RAM is the central register of mobile devices established in DRC.

What is RAM for?

The purposes of RAM is to optimize the security and quality of the mobile service networks, to protect consumers from the toxic effects of lead found in non-compliant devices, and to effectively fight against theft and counterfeit mobile devices.

How do I find the IMEI of my device?

By dialing * # 06 # on the keypad of an original device, a series of fifteen digits appears. The IMEI number can also be found on the back of the device, under the battery, on the box label, or on the purchase receipt. Keep it safe, it might come handy!

Why should the user check the IMEI of their device?

Users should check the status of their device to identify if they are original or counterfeit prior to the purchase of the device. Having the IMEI on file will enable the user to block its phone in case it has been stolen or lost, and to know the associated RAM payment schedule.

What would be the lifetime of counterfeit devices in the DRC?

You have to check the status of your device. Any counterfeit device connected to the network before November 24, 2020 will be valid for a period of 24 months from the launch date, until September 23, 2022 inclusive. Any counterfeit device connected for the first time to the Congolese networks after November 24, 2020 will be valid until September 23, 2021 inclusive. No counterfeit device will be operational in the DRC as from September 24, 2022.

How will the local SIM holders be notified?

The launch of the project will be accompanied by an information campaign to know the conditions of use of RAM and payments. Users will receive an SMS notification to confirm the deduction of RAM registration fees.

How to block a stolen or lost device?

Only the owner of the SIM card can request to block a device by following this procedure:
• The subscriber must go to his mobile operator to report the loss or theft of his/her device.
• The operator verifies the user's identity.
• The operator validates the request and applies the IMEI blocking of the lost or stolen phone according to the established RAM procedure.
The block request is only processed if the device is original.

How to block a stolen or lost counterfeit device?

RAM cannot block stolen or lost counterfeit devices.

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