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A multi-SIM device is a device that has multiple IMEI numbers. This means that multiple SIM cards on this device
can be connected to the network at the same time.
This registration is only for multi-SIM devices used with more than one SIM card.
A multi-SIM device used with a single SIM card does not need to be registered on site. 


Your phone can have multiple IMEI numbers only if it's a multi-SIM.


Dial *#06# to see
your device IMEIs

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The IMEI is a unique number assigned to your phone.
This identifier is used when reporting the phone as lost or stolen. If no IMEI or only one IMEI is displayed, you do not need to go to step 2.


Enter the IMEIs
into the fields indicated

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Your mobile device should display multiple IMEIs. Enter your IMEIs in the fields above.


Enter mobile number
for each IMEI

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Check if your device is original and enter the phone numbers attached to the IMEIs and click "Register" to complete the operation.